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JSON and XML Schemas defining bureau data and analyze data outputs


  • Connect - Equifax Access Example

    Connect to Equifax and return ACROFILE Plus in XML Format

  • Connect - Experian Access Example

    Connect to Experian and return ARF in XML Format

  • Connect - TransUnion Access Example

    Connect to TransUnion and return TU4R in XML Format

  • Connect - Multiple Bureau Example

    Connect to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion at the same time

  • Connect - Create Applicant Information Example

    Create Subject and Spouse name and address information when obtaining Equifax,Experian or TransUnion data

  • Datamart - Parse and Normalize Example

    An example focusing on Equifax but is common for any bureau. Parse the raw bureau data and normalize to common data. Extract Equifax specific data or use the Common view for extracting data from any bureau.

  • Datamart - Merge Example

    An example that takes the output from the Datamart Parse recipe in the Common format for up to three bureaus and merges and de-dupes that data into the merge dataset. This is useful for high-risk lending that relys on multiple bureaus as well as any lending that seeks to remove duplicate credit items.

  • Error Handling Examples

    An example that shows the various error conditions that may arise within the Connect feature.