is offered in two pricing models, Direct Business and OEM Software Manufacturer

Direct Business Model

Direct Business defines any company using in processing systems owned and operated by the company in pursuit of its own transactional business. This is the model typically used for lenders, banks, collections companies and others that provide a service.

In this model, one transaction is any use of on any number of systems for any user on behalf of any single loan application whether current or historical.

Tiered Transaction Pricing Matrix

Many lending system can process upwards of 100,000 loan applications per month. For these large scale systems a tiered transaction pricing matrix is available.
Tier Transactions
Tier 1 1 - 10,000 Rate A
Tier 2 10,001 - 25,000 Rate B
Tier 3 25,001 - 50,000 Rate C
Tier 4 50,001 - 100,000 Rate D
Tier 5 100,001 - above Rate E

OEM Software Manufacturer Model

OEM Software Manufactures are any company embedding within its software product that the company licenses to other companies in a variety of lending, finance and collections industries. In this role, the OEM Software Manufacturer is able to white label all the features of credit reporting that provides.

Tiered Deployment Pricing Matrix

Software vendors licensing their systems on a recurring fee per installation basis can enjoy the economies of scale through tiered installation matrix. In this model, the monthly licensing fee is reduced in volumes.

Tier Customer Installations
Tier 1 1 - 50 Rate A
Tier 2 51 - 75 Rate B
Tier 3 76 - 100 Rate C
Tier 4 101 - above Rate D